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The Benefits of LNG Exports

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Selling some of America’s abundant natural gas resources in global markets represents a major opportunity for the United States to create thousands of new jobs, grow our manufacturing base, generate billions of dollars in additional royalties and new government revenues and expand the benefits of U.S. trade.

Thanks to technological advances, the United States has enough natural gas not only to meet American consumer demand, but also to export some supply in the form of LNG without significantly impacting domestic prices.

Natural gas is also cleaner and more affordable than many other fuels, which means LNG exports can provide significant global environmental benefits in the form of cleaner air.

Jobs and Economic Benefits

  • Each LNG export project would be a multi-billion dollar investment in the U.S. Employment from LNG exports is expected to create or support between 73,100 and 452,300 jobs between 2016 and 2035. 7,800 to 76, 800 of those jobs will be in manufacturing, with 1,700 to 11,400 being specifically in the refining, petrochemicals and chemicals sectors.
  • Jobs would not only be created at each new U.S. LNG facility, but throughout the value chain – in natural gas production, the steel industry, turbine manufacturing, pipefitting and in many other industries – which would help communities across America.
  • LNG exports are consistent with the President’s National Export Initiative. President Obama said in December 2012 that “the United States is going to be a net exporter of energy because of new technologies and what we’re doing with natural gas and oil.” (TIME Magazine)
  • Each LNG export terminal will generate millions of dollars in new tax revenue for the federal, state and local governments, which can help fund vital public services and reduce public debt.

Trade and International Benefits

  • Selling natural gas helps our friends and trading partners abroad address serious energy challenges, while increasing U.S. trade and producing significant economic benefits here at home. (American Security Project, March 2013)

Environmental Benefits

  • Natural gas has roughly half the carbon dioxide emissions as coal when burned for electricity, and little to no emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides or particulate matter. By exporting LNG, the United States will be providing the world with increased access to a source of cleaner and reliable energy, without compromising Americans’ ability here at home to utilize this important resource. Already increased natural gas usage has resulted in the lowest levels of carbon dioxide emissions since 1992, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).