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LNG Exports Remain a Win-Win for U.S. Economy

Statement from Bill Cooper, President of the Center for Liquefied Natural Gas (CLNG):

“The facts are clear: exporting LNG is a winner for American jobs and the economy.  Opponents of exports presented a false choice today when really we’re talking about a win-win for the country.  Experts agree that America’s new-found natural gas supplies are so abundant that we can meet our needs here at home and enhance America’s competitiveness in the global marketplace by selling some to our trading partners at the same time.  That’s a good thing for gas producing and manufacturing communities all around the country.  Exports will help sustain economic growth in such communities by stimulating additional energy production here at home and creating new markets for our products abroad.

“The recently released DOE-commissioned report found that LNG exports would be a ‘net benefit’ to the U.S. economy, including consumers. However, the DOE report clearly shows that in no scenario are energy-intensive industries expected to perform at less than normal rates.

“The U.S. Government – through DOE and FERC –has a robust regulatory review process in place.  Any further delays in the review and approval process will jeopardize this unique American opportunity to grow our exports.  Other countries with natural gas resources will happily replace U.S. exports with their own and capture the economic advantages that should have been ours.”