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Ahead of Senate Energy Hearing, CLNG’s Cooper Provides Testimony on LNG Exports

Bill Cooper, President of the Center for Liquefied Natural Gas, today submitted written testimony in advance of the February 12, 2013, Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources hearing on “Opportunities and Challenges for Natural Gas.” In his remarks, Cooper identifies common myths about LNG exports and provides a summary of the facts.  Cooper notes that the United States has abundant supplies of natural gas, more than enough to allow for exports while also meeting growing domestic demand.

The ability to export LNG, Cooper states, “represents a window of opportunity to create more jobs, generate more public revenues and reduce our trade deficit. A multitude of industries and communities will benefit from this opportunity to export some of America’s abundant natural gas resources in global markets. By resuming its approval process for LNG export applications, the U.S. Department of Energy can allow the United States to begin reaping those benefits, without hurting U.S. consumers.”

Download Bill Cooper’s full testimony here.