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CLNG Hails House Action Providing Greater Regulatory Certainty for LNG Exports

Washington, D.C.: During the markup of the National Defense Authorization Act earlier today, the House Armed Services Committee voted to include language that will facilitate the shipment of U.S. LNG to Europe and other markets around the world. The amendment will require the Department of Energy to issue a decision on export applications no more than 30 days after the conclusion of the National Environmental Policy Act review.

Commenting, Center for Liquefied Natural Gas (CLNG) Executive Director Charlie Riedl said,

“Allowing countries in Europe and elsewhere to diversify their natural gas supply through U.S. LNG has been widely recognized as a crucial means of enhancing global energy security. This legislation will deliver meaningful progress towards that important goal by giving developers sufficient certainty in the regulatory process to move ahead with their projects with confidence.

“Exporting our surplus natural gas overseas will not only benefit our allies abroad, it will also drive significant investment into the domestic economy while making sizeable reductions in global greenhouse gas emissions. The shale revolution has fundamentally transformed the American energy landscape; LNG exports now represent an opportunity to allow the rest of the world to benefit.”