The Plan for Growth

Download the PDF Introduction Leveraging America’s abundant supply of clean-burning natural gas to maximize its economic and environmental benefits should include increased exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG). What follows is a primer on how natural gas – including increased LNG development – can boost the economy, create jobs and protect the environment. Step 1: […]

Potential LNG Export Terminals

There are several proposed or potential LNG export terminals in the United States. The map linked below shows that the bulk of the terminals are along the Gulf Coast, with the exception of a handful of locations in both the North Pacific and South Atlantic regions. If these terminals were allowed to export some of […]

Natural Gas Exports: What They’re Saying

Economic Studies and Think Tanks Business and Trade Associations Editorial Boards and Thought Leaders Current and Former Government Officials Economic Studies and Think Tanks Council Of Economic Advisers, White House, “Economic Report Of The President” (February 2015)  “An increase in U.S. exports of natural gas, and the resulting price changes, would have a number of mostly […]