Infographic: American LNG Can Improve European Energy Security

President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry and leaders of the European Union have clearly stated that additional global supplies of liquefied natural gas (LNG) will “benefit Europe and other strategic partners.” The President has the opportunity to send a clear signal that the U.S. is committed to enhancing the collective energy security of our allies and […]

NERA Economic Consulting: Updated Macroeconomic Impacts of LNG Exports from the United States

“In all of the scenarios analyzed in this study, NERA found that the U.S. would experience net economic benefits from increased LNG exports.” “Across the scenarios, U.S. economic welfare consistently increases as the volume of natural gas exports increases. This includes scenarios in which there are unlimited exports.” “Unlimited exports always create greater benefits than […]

Report by Reps. Fred Upton & Ed Whitfield: Prosperity at Home and Strengthened Allies Abroad – A Global Perspective on Natural Gas Exports

Read the full report here. 

Sen. Lisa Murkowski: The Narrowing Window: America’s Opportunity to Join the Global Gas Trade

Download the white paper HERE.