Shale Gas and U.S. National Security (Baker Institute)

The past decade has seen substantial changes in the natural gas industry. Specifically, there has been rapid development of technology allowing the recovery of natural gas from shale formations. Since 2000, significant growth in the production of natural gas from shale formations in North America has dramatically altered the global natural gas market. Indeed, the […]

Are We Entering a Golden Age of Gas (International Energy Agency)

Download the study. This report examines the factors that will drive the supply and demand of natural gas in the coming decades, the conditions under which gas could play a far more prominent role in the global energy mix and the implications that a “golden age of gas” could have for energy markets and the […]

U.S. Natural Gas Resources and Productive Capacity (Advanced Resources International)

Download the study. U.S. international trade law and general U.S. trade policy strongly support exportation of natural gas. U.S. law requires government review for any proposed export of natural gas, but the government must approve the export so long as it is shown to be consistent with the public interest. The Department of Energy has […]

Market Analysis for Sabine Pass LNG Export Project (Navigant Consulting)

Download the study.  Based on the U.S. Energy Information Agency’s demand forecast for natural gas, which includes growth in natural gas vehicle fuel to 0.5 Bcfd by 2035 (the GHG As‐Is Cases), NCI modeling showed the forward price curve for the period 2015‐2035 to rise from $3.29 per MMBtu to $6.97 per MMBtu, assuming no […]