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CLNG President submits letter to Maryland Public Service Commission

April 2, 2014 David J. Collins, Executive Secretary Maryland Public Service Commission William Donald Schaefer Tower 6 St. Paul Street, 16th Floor Baltimore, MD 21202 Case No. 9318 Executive Secretary Collins, As the Maryland Public Service Commission gives thoughtful consideration to the application for an export facility at the Dominion Cove Point LNG terminal, the [...]

ICYMI: CLNG’s Bill Cooper for the WSJ: Interest, Power, Policy and Exporting U.S. Natural Gas

The U.S. should not shy away from its re-emergence as a global energy leader; we should embrace it by quickly approving LNG applications. Your March 20 editorial “A Gas Export Strategy” correctly notes that expediting the approval of U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports epitomizes sound geopolitical strategy. The U.S. should not shy away from [...]

CLNG President Responds to US-EU Joint Statement on Increased US LNG Exports; Supports House and Senate WTO Bills

Washington, D.C.: Following the Obama Administration’s joint statement with the European Union announcing their support for increased exports of U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe, Center for Liquefied Natural Gas President Bill Cooper issued this statement: “President Obama and EU leaders are right to ‘welcome’ U.S. LNG exports as a ‘benefit to Europe and [...]

European and U.S. Leaders, Experts Agree on U.S. Gas Exports: Here’s What They Are Saying

Following today’s Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing, “Importing Energy, Exporting Jobs. Can it be Reversed?”, Center for Liquefied Natural Gas President Bill Cooper released the following statement: “Events in Eastern Europe strengthen the case that U.S. policy should favor the acceleration of LNG export permit approvals. Doing so will boost our own economy [...]